John Spence

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John Spence is a composer of chamber and orchestral music with over 30 years of experience. He has composed many large scale orchestral works and his chamber music has been performed by many of Australia's leading musicians including Michael Kieran-Harvey, Catherine Selby and David Miller.

Spence has received regular commissions resulting in a diverse output. Several of his chamber pieces have also been recorded by artists such as Mark Walton, Emma Knott and Scott Taggart.

In 2014 Spence was awarded an Australia Council grant to compose a work for the Anzac 100 year commemoration. The 23 minute virtuosic solo piano work was performed by Spence and featured in a number of concerts throughout regional NSW.

Spence has also worked extensively as a session musician, producer and arranger. In 2017 he composed the soundtrack for the film Rip Tide starring Disney's Debby Ryan. He is currently the composer in residence at the Wollongong Conservatorium.


Rip Tide 

John Spence has composed the film score for the new Debby Ryan film Rip Tide.

When fashion model Cora (Debby Ryan, Disney’s JESSIE, Radio Rebel) suffers an embarrassing “fashion faux pas” there is nothing else for it but to head down under to Australia for some peace and tranquillity.

In Cinemas September 2017



AWAKE performed by Meg Connell